New York AC Repair and Maintenance Services

If you are in the New York area and have need of a qualified NYC Air Conditioning repair and maintenance service than you should consider the professionals at ABC HVAC Repair. We are a fully certified HVAC experts with over XX years in the industry. The experience we have gathered in all this time installing, repairing and servicing heating systems, we apply in every job to make sure you are nice and cozy throughout the winter and cool and fresh in the summer.
We provide our community with a cost effective solution to the bitter cold. At ABC HVAC Repair we have a staff of over XXX professionals including the repair and maintenance technicians,project designers for specialized jobs as well as a friendly sales staff and helpful customer service so that your HVAC system will be up and running or we will be there to find out why it’s not.
Residential and Commercial Installation Repair and Service for Air Conditioning

Summers can get pretty hot all around, most of the time some warmth and sun is a pleasure. When we escape the heat outside, however we want to chill in a cool environment. This is a luxury that often slips our mind until the temperature rises and the air conditioning breaks down, then the part of summer we don’t like so much is upon us. Never fear though, No matter the snag, our professionals are waiting to be dispatched to your home, office, warehouse or wherever your faulty air conditioning unit may be.


From simple repairs and regular maintenance to major overhauls and unit replacement our technicians have seen it all and there isn’t a job to big or too small, so call us up when your air con quits on you.
Residential and Commercial Installation Repair and Service for Heating Units
What an age we live in, Right? Thanks to sophisticated HVAC units available today, we can keep our homes and most indoor environments warm enough for human habitation in the cold winter months that most of nature has the good sense to sleep through. This is a wonder of modern science that we hardly notice till suddenly we walk in from the cold and it’s colder inside. Whereas a malfunctioning air conditioning unit in the summer can be a discomfort a malfunctioning heating unit in the middle of winter is a much more serious problem and must be dealt with immediately.
If there is a malfunction in your furnace, call our trained professionals today so they can get it back online. If your furnace is damaged beyond all hope of repair than we can also recommend a replacement that is suited to your needs and your budget.
Air Quality

At ABC HVAC Repair and Maintenance we try to emphasize the importance of air quality to our clients. The EPA has released several important health notices concerning the quality of air within residential buildings. Molds and mildews can cause health hazards; pollen and mites can cause headaches and allergies.

When you hire us we will recommend some methods of improving the quality of your home’s air and thus prevent many respiratory diseases that can come from contaminated air.